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International Influencer

Coach Harp is an international influencer with a passion for helping athletes continue to succeed off the court or field. Through mentoring and sharing knowledge, Coach Harp has created a platform to help former athletes create and manage their brand after the game ends.

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Legacies take many years to build. The strength of your character determines the outcome of your battles with self-doubt.
– Coach Harp


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Coach Harp helps athletes like you overcome the mental hurdles that hold them back from reaching their full potential. 'Bridging mental toughness into your reality' means overcoming your own personal obstacles that prevent you from being on your A-game.

Harpal Sandhu is the man behind the influencer Coach Harp. He is also the founder and CEO behind The Coach Harp Organization, which has been in operation since 2021. The organization continues to develop meaningful relationships between team members and clients. Alongside those accolades, he is also known as the outgoing host of The Coach Harp Show. He is a motivational speaker, as well being a strong advocate for mental health.



Coach Harp believes that if it were not for the mentors he had growing up, his American football coaches, he would not be where he is today. Through sports and their leadership, Harpal grew up with the mentality of "Never give up, no matter what hurdles life throws in your path." Now, Coach Harp helps others who are struggling with their next steps or self doubt, to overcome their impediments and help reach their fullest potential.

Many people have benefited from his coaching practices. It's all about positively re-directing our negative, self-defeating thoughts. Once you overcome your own personal blocks, not only will you be better in your athletic abilities, but you will also live each day well, even off the field.


Charitable involvement

Coach Harp enjoys supporting youth development and giving back to his community. Harpal has a passion for sports and encouraging youth excellence in those activities. He often works with high-risk youth to help them develop important life skills. Harpal has been giving back to his community and working with charities for over 35 years. In 2017 he founded the South Asian Sports Development Association (SASDA), a non-profit aiming to support South Asian athletes. His other charitable involvement includes The Kids Play Foundation, Calgary Board of Education Football, Sikh Youth Calgary, and Indo Canadian Track and Field. 



Coach Harp works incredibly hard and is fortunate to have his hard work recognized internationally. His most recent recognition was the Indian Achievers Award in business leadership on behalf of the company he is the Founder and CEO of, The Coach Harp Organization.

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