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Jay Hollingshed

Jay Hollingshed


James “Jay” Hollingshed is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Spiritual Coach. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, he assists your body in healing itself by using energy, frequency, and vibration. As a Spiritual Coach, Jay coaches driven individuals through the problems they have and don’t want, to manifest the solutions they see and can’t reach. Jay is a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker, and trainer. He dedicates his life to his earthly purpose of reciprocating Love, abundance, and healing. He is a Master Practitioner in the natural healing art of Usui Reiki and provides chakra healing/tuning services. Jay is a Certified Human Biofield Tuning practitioner and is studying integrative medicine and spiritual healing, through Spirit Shamanism. Jay is an ordained Minister of Healing licensed in the state of Ohio. Jay has a Master of Science degree in Health Administration and more than 25 years of healthcare experience in physical and mental health arenas. He is an international best-selling author and former contributing writer for Brainz Magazine and Huffington Post publications. Jay accomplished all this while overcoming seven chronic mental disabilities & intellectual disorders, and an A.C.T. score of 12. Jay’s religion is Love and he worships in the heart of every living thing. Jay enjoys meditating, yoga, communing with nature, carpentry, and is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.



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