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Kenny Singh Bhullar

Kenny Singh Bhullar


My Mission: to empower you to take the leap by maximizing
your potential in your life, health and business.​ ​My Purpose: to provide you the accurate knowledge, action plan and accountability to achieve your goals you have set out for yourself. ​​With over 15 years of experience in Sales, Fitness and Coaching, I believe every single person deserves to ultimately pursue a career they have the utmost passion for working in. Over a decade now, I have taken my passion for health, fitness and martial arts by fueling it towards empowering my clients to
be the best possible version of themselves - physically, emotionally and spiritually. ​I gained valuable interpersonal experiences and skill sets through retail, hospitality, media, real estate, telecommunications, automotive and the martial arts industry. With sales and marketing as the primary driver, I know what it takes to exceed expected targets, meet clients unmet needs, and work with the right attitude with the right team to ultimately cultivate a successful game plan for you and your fitness goals.​



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