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Sandy Dosanjh

Sandy Dosanjh


Sandy's beginnings were humble and simple. She was born in a small village in the state of Punjab, located in the north of India surrounded by salt of the earth people, who lived off the fat of the land through farming. Sandy would walk narrow dirt pathways to school, with the occasional glimpse of a peacock flaring its feathers. In such remarkable beauty, came a society entrenched in patriarchal beliefs. Women were subjugated to submissive roles.

Sandy came from a very traditional family, and was not permitted to engage in sports. She therefore channeled all her energy into education and obtained her Bachelor of Arts, and subsequently her Masters in Economics.

Sandy met her husband, Kal, shortly thereafter, and moved to Canada. Her husband, a powerlifter at that time, took her to the gym for the very first time. She performed the simple task of walking the treadmill the very first day, and absolutely despised it. It took energy, time and effort, nothing that she was willing to expend. Nonetheless, she decided to give it a month, before deciding to abandon this expedition or to continue.

The month passed fast, and Sandy gradually began to see results. She began to explore weights, and expand her goals inside the gym. It took remarkable and strenuous effort, but the blood, sweat and tears paid off.



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