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Shenan Charania

Shenan Charania


Shenan Charania works as a Transformative Coach and Consultant.

He works with senior executives, business owners, leadership teams, and everyday individuals helping them access more creativity, efficiency and productivity in a simple way that allows for exponential potential and possibility.

Shenan puts valuable consideration in building relationships as he inquires through conversation how his clients can bring forth their natural values, while supporting them to see opportunities where they can move forward with less effort, less restriction and more clarity.

The Programs and Services offered are entirely custom made for each 1:1 client. Shenan also enjoys doing highly interactive and intimate Group Coaching programs, Speaking engagements, weekend immersions and elevation Workshops.

Shenan’s clients are out to make a positive, lasting impact for the planet and the next generations to come through their own experiences, insights, resources, growth and their deep involvement and engagement with the world.

He also volunteers his time to work alongside teachers, police officers, support groups and other professionals in the field to help the youth at risk by sharing with them his own experience and insights, and point them to their innate wisdom so they can have a more self reliant, and positive outlook in life.



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