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Season One | Episode Twenty

Coach Harp

In this special edition of the Coach Harp Show, Coach Harp himself is interviewed.

Season One | Episode Nineteen

Jay Prepchuk

Meet Jay Prepchuk and learn about his journey to becoming a coach.

Season One | Episode Eighteen

Marc Nudelberg

Meet Marc Nudelberg and learn about the pillars of his success and philosophy.

Season One | Episode Seventeen

Shawn Kemmer

Shawn Kemmer discusses his career as a teacher and football coach as well as the transition to life after sports for student athletes

Season One | Episode Sixteen

MP Jasraj Singh Hallan

MP Jasraj Singh Hallan discusses the positive impact giving back to the community can have on individuals.

Season One | Episode Fifteen

Doug Spencer

Check out what Doug Spencer had to say about his work as a police officer in Vancouver, and how he is continuing to give back to his community through the Odd Squad in helping youth escape gangs.

Season One | Episode Fourteen

Bobby Hallback

Bobby Hallback speaks of dealing with adversity and mental health issues as well as experiencing disappointment in sports.

Season One | Episode Thirteen

Charleston Hughes

Charleston Hughes discusses mindset, the importance of community involvement and his transition to the CFL.

Season One | Episode Twelve

Reggie Walker

Reggie speaks of his experience in the NFL, as a survivor advocate and as an entrepreneur.

Season One | Episode Eleven

Kal Dosanjh

Kal Dosanjh discusses his inspiration behind founding the Kids Play Foundation and the importance of giving back to the community.

Season One | Episode Ten

Terrence Wheatley

Learn more about Terrence Wheatley and his football career.

Season One | Episode Nine

Julius Williams

Julius gives insight to building a stronger community for the youth and stronger leaders for tomorrow.

Season One | Episode Eight

Vito Cerone

Vito Cerone speaks about leadership and his own personal mindset towards achieving success.

Season One | Episode Seven

Marcus Adams

Learn more about Marcus Adams and stats related to his impressive football career.

Season One | Episode Six

Bobby Hallback

Bobby Hallback discusses the role of community in protecting and improving mental health in athletes.

Season One | Episode Five

Nik Lewis

Nik Lewis speaks about his professional sports career and having an entrepreneurial mindset.

Season One | Episode Four

Rolly Lumbala

Rolly speaks about his transition into the business world and the importance of giving back to his community and family.

Season One | Episode Three

DeVone Claybrooks

DeVone speaks about his childhood experience growing up and the role his grandmother played in his education.

Season One | Episode Two

Kito Poblah

Learn more about Kito's football career and leadership skills.

Season One | Episode One

Garrick Jones

Garrick Speaks about transitioning from being a professional athlete into the business world.

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