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Reggie Walker

Reggie Walker


In my journey of becoming an undrafted NFL player of 7 years, working my way into a team captain, I have learned to always find a way. Even though I never started more than half a season in college, while battling the effects of depression, anxiety, mental, physical, and sexual abuse I’ve always found a way. Without the help of positive mentors or role models, I’ve learned to always find a way.

Seeing so many others fail with more resources, more tools, more ability I saw that I had something extremely valuable that set me apart: strategy and an unbreakable resilience to accomplish whatever I set my mind to. With the understanding that this unique ability is what has always set me apart, now I help others set themselves or their businesses apart from the competition.

​You can’t always be given the tools necessary to succeed but you can cultivate them. With a plan, you can find the tools, and with a hardened self-built resilience, you can always keep yourself in the game. But the first step is understanding who you are, where you want to go, and a fluid plan complete with strategy, tactics, and resourceful tools to help get you to your desired destination.



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