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I help athletes like you overcome the mental hurdles that hold them back from reaching their full potential. 'Bridging mental toughness intro your reality means overcoming your own personal obstacles that prevent you from being on your A-game. 

- Coach Harp

Motivational Book Coming Soon!!

Stay tuned for more updates on the release of "The Coach Harp Way" - The Book!

This book will focus on Coach Harp's Twelve Pillars of Success.

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Harpal Sandhu, CEO/Founder of the Coach Harp Organization

Coach Harps Twelve Pillars of Success

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Giving Back.png

Right Mindset



Giving Back

Reaching out for help

Leadership Development


Take Responsibility

Being Humble.png
Accept your greatness.png
Overcoming Adversity.png
Creating something out Of nothing.png

Staying Humble

Accept your greatness

Overcoming Adversity

Creating something out of nothing

Reaching Out for Help.png
Leadership Development.png
Take Responsibility.png
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